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About Us

The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS) will prepare students to tackle some of the world’s most complex problems such as climate change, free speech, and the ethics of artificial intelligence.  

You might not have heard of us yet. And that’s because we’re new. So new in fact, that we’re the first higher education provider in over 50 years to be granted the power to award our own degrees from the start. This was an extremely rigorous process and means that even though we’re not traditional, you will still receive an internationally recognised bachelor’s degree, and be able to access student finance.  

Our 2021 founding cohort will join us this autumn. And there are only 100 places.


Our BASc degree

We offer a single Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc) degree in Interdisciplinary Problems & Methods. Our students will focus their learning on a range of disciplines across the sciences, arts and design, technology, the social sciences, and the humanities.

Our curriculum is structured around real-world problems (e.g. plastic pollution, genome editing, and global pandemics). The problems provide a framework for you to deep-dive on different subject areas, to understand the issues from multiple perspectives.

At LIS, “interdisciplinarity” means finding out what happens when you combine subjects – maths with design, anthropology with data science, statistics with philosophy – to generate hybrid knowledge. This approach differs from other interdisciplinary or liberal arts degrees in the UK.


At LIS, we broker yearly paid internships at some of the UK’s most prestigious employers and exciting start-ups. These internships are optional, but strongly encouraged so you can gain work experience across different sectors and discover the career path you may wish to pursue upon graduating from LIS.

Organisations in the LIS Network range from purpose-led startups (e.g. OLIO), to multinational firms (e.g. KPMG) and public sector organisations (e.g. Frontline).

Beyond internships, all students will have a dedicated one-to-one careers mentor, with ongoing support around CV writing, interview technique, and other key skills.


Because we’re new, we can do things differently. So we have no subject or grade requirements, and all applicants will be invited to interview. This is an academically rigorous course, yet we know you’re more than your grades. We are curious about who you are as a person – what motivates and inspires you – and grades can’t tell us the full story.  

Instead, we’ll look at your academic achievements in the context of your educational, familial, and personal background. We want to understand what you’ve achieved academically given your starting point in life. 

You won’t find us on UCAS. Instead, you’ll apply directly to LIS. This means that you can apply to 5 universities on UCAS, in addition to LIS, so you end up with 6 options.

Applications to join our 2021 founding cohort are open now.

Discovery Days

Intrigued? We’re running a series of Discovery Days in 2021 so you can experience our interdisciplinary approach to tackling real-world problems. Come and get a feel for what we’re all about. See you there!

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