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Humber Outreach Programme

Hello everyone at National Careers Fair (NCW),

We are the Humber Outreach Programme but friends call us HOP.

You got a cuppa at the ready? Let’s go!

We are here today to give students impartial advice and guidance on higher education and careers. We are here to help you make a confident and informed decision about your future and the pathway to your career.

Working out what career you want to go in AND in the middle of Covid-19 is stressful and confusing. So, whether you have a really good idea of what career you want to go into or you are struggling, we are here to help you work it out and show you the best route to get there.

Today we have some amazing resources across our floors to help you start thinking about your career pathway or to help you go into more detail.

Insight into university

We have an insightful honest interview with some University Freshers about what it was like starting University in September last year. 

They discuss everything from, how Covid-19 impacted their course, student finance, plans for after their undergraduate degree and even how they did washing wrong when they moved into student accommodation

Find out more about studying locally

Humber Outreach Programme has interviewed some University students with honest and real answers about choosing to study locally. Talking everything from student finance, student accommodation, reasons for staying close to home when studying and studying while covid-19 is happening. This interview will give you insights into how students are finding life at University over the last year and why they have chosen to stay closer to home.

Common myths surrounding HE

Our student ambassadors and careers advisors Sanna and Amy talk you though the common myths that surround higher education. 

Busting Myths such as; If I go to University, I won’t make any friends. You have to be rich to go to University. University is only for people who are academic. You have to move away from home to study at University. 

Check out this video to find out the reality of higher education.

The Pay Index

Sounds complicated and technical! It’s really not! It’s the most amazing App. Scan the QR code to access and it will present you with a range of questions that you might be thinking about in regards to University. These questions are things such as:

  • Where to study?
  • Where might you go next?
  • What will University mean for your future career
  • What financial information matters to you?
  • Does it matter where you live?

The Pay Index will answer these questions with reports so you can really see the correct pathways for your career. Making the best choice for your future is complex but The Pay Index can really help you work this out. Make sure you check out the video that shows how this works.

The Access Platform

We also want to shout about The Access Platform today. This is an instant chat feature where you can ask our wonderful student ambassadors/ careers advisors Sanna and Amy and questions you may have about higher education or how to get to your careers. 

Honestly guys no question is a stupid question! Maybe access some of our resources or The Pay Index and then drop Sanna and Amy other questions that you have. We are here to help so make the most of us! There is an interview with Sanna and Amy available today, check it out!