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Hairdressing Careers

Welcome to hairdressing – officially, one of the happiest careers in the world!

Here you can discover what you need to get started and hear from people already living the hairdressing dream: young salon owners already running their own business and making tons of money; session artists travelling the world and working on photo-shoots or at Fashion Week; colourists working with celebrities on film sets and winning awards for their creations; and – of course – the stylists who transform our lives every day of the week…

Hairdressing is a creative, inclusive, passionate community and we’re looking for new members. ARE YOU IN?


The Industry

Where Can It Take You?

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Think hairdressing is all about working in your local salon? Think again! So long as you’ve got your scissors and comb with you, you can pretty much work anywhere: on a beach, on a TV set, or onstage in front of thousands of people!



The Industry

A Life in Hairdressing

A colourist with over 250k IG followers… A stylist collaborating with Prada… A barber mentoring kids in his Hackney neighbourhood… Watch this film about seven hairdressers on very different career paths.



The Industry

A Life in Hairdressing

Word up! From magical makeovers to meltdowns with Kate Moss and EVERYTHING in between, here’s our pick of the best hairdressing podcasts.



It takes a whole gang of experts to shoot a fashion story – and the hairdresser is right at the heart of the action. Lisa Farrall specialises in session work; she was Ed Sheeran’s hairstylist for his music video Anti Social with Travis Scott, worked on Kendrick Lamar’s video All The Stars for the Black Panther soundtrack and styled American singer Ellie King’s hair for Glastonbury. Lisa’s also an expert in naturally textured hair, making her the perfect choice for this location shoot on a 200-acre conservation farm with a landscape of flower meadows, ancient woodland and natural ponds, brimming with life. The hair brief: create phenomenal looks that embrace movement, texture and beauty in tune with the surroundings.

Do your research – who are the models, who will you be working with, what’s the brief? Ask questions and don’t be scared to share your ideas. When everyone is on the same page, everyone is happy.

Be kind to everyone and don’t forget everyone has a job to do, so focus on your job and getting it done! Stay professional but don’t be too serious – it’s okay to smile.

A studio Is a safe space: you have shelter, water, electrics… On location, you never know where you will end up so you have to be prepared for sunshine and rainfall. Whether you’re working in a studio or on location, always have a back-up.

I remember travelling to the farm – it was in the middle of nowhere! – worrying about getting stuck behind a tractor or that the model would turn up with a different hair colour. And would it rain? (It turned out to be one of the hottest days of the year.) In the end, one of the models had much shorter hair than I expected and the clothes were much softer so I adapted my look, added extensions and kept to the brief. That’s the beauty of hair… the only limitations are your imagination and your kit bag. That’s why I’m always packing!

Ask questions and don’t be scared to share your ideas

Lisa Farrall

Hair On Instagram


Chris Appleton went from working in salon in Leicester to styling the hair of Kym Kardashian and, more recently, J-Lo. Watch and dream, people!


Based in the States, this House of Hair Inspiration shares the most beautiful hairstyles and colours from all over the world.


Two salons in London, one training academy, a product range and an Instagram following of 360k – you have to add these super-salons to your weekly Insta-inspo. Checkout @BleachLondon


When Alexa Chung describes a stylist as ‘a hair magician & master of hair’ and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a regular on the columns at their prestigious London salon, you know George Northwood will have an Instagram account you need to keep your eyes on.


Guy Tang is the ultimate Hollywood celebrity hairstylist with over 2 million followers, thanks to his worldwide collaboration with Olaplex.

Watch out for incredible colour inspiration from the fabulous Guy Tang.


The Industry

Just The Job

Teamwork makes the dream work! Meet the movers and shakers at mega-London salon, Hershesons.



The Industry

10 Things About Hairdressing

From must-have kit to making money – here’s 10 things you need to know about hairdressing.


Winning Awards

If you like the buzz of getting recognised for your talents, hairdressing is definitely for you!

Cast your mind back to your childhood and think of a time you won something. Whether it was a sports day race, a talent show performance, swimming gala or a quiz in class, chances are you remember feeling great. Proud, excited and very, very happy.

Now imagine you’re at a big fancy awards do with your family and team-mates. You look around the room, packed with industry VIPs, and everyone is eagerly awaiting the awards announcements. You’ve spent time and effort preparing your entry and now is when you’re going to find out if it’s all been worth it. You watch as the celebrity host announces the next category. It’s yours. You hear those four little words – “And the winner is…” It’s you! Heading up onto stage you get the same feeling you did when you were younger – that sense of achievement and pride makes you feel like you can take on anything.

Welcome to hairdressing – an industry that loves to celebrate the talents that work within it. Now watch this short video from Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted & The It List Awards and feel the buzz. Wish you were there? We do too!