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We give students a platform to fully showcase and evidence four key areas of their educational journey – knowledge, character, skills and achievements – to help them show they are more than a list of grades.

globalbridge is secure platform built by teachers that provides a connection between schools, HE/FE and industry. We provide students a digital record of achievement that lasts a lifetime, and access to opportunity regardless of their background.

A better way to evidence grades

Young people have limited opportunity to effectively showcase their educational attainment, and evidence their skills and talents. 

With changes to exams this summer due to COVID, it is crucial to provide a new and appropriate way to showcase talent, rather than merely grades on a piece of paper.

A globalbridge profile is a digital record of achievement beyond a typical CV. Students are matched to careers and education opportunities through their knowledge, character, skills and achievements, instantly becoming more inclusive of students who might be SEN, NEET or disadvantaged in some way. 

What we provide


Sign up to our showcase event on the 21st April 2021. Over 130 schools attended last year so don’t miss out:

Current partners include – Siemens, GSK, UCL, Newcastle College, Army, University of Southampton, Mako Trading, Solent University, London Interdisciplinary School and Accenture. Plus we have the great Steph McGovern joining us our guest speaker.