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Live Brief:

Manufacturing & Engineering

The aim of this challenge is to showcase the range of career opportunities within the Manufacturing and Engineering sector. The challenges also aim to make students aware of the key skills needed within the sector, as well as the qualifications required.

These key skills and careers are highlighted through a fictional project based around the development and launch of ‘Project Z’ – a new product designed for the Health and Social sector.

Each challenge also includes a ‘Career focus’ page that looks in detail at the job role students are about to take on. This information includes role specifics, key skills and job requirements.

Employer Insight: Virtual Tour

Introducing Daletech! Watch our exciting virtual tour, narrated by the company’s CEO. Check out their production areas where they manufacture electronics and hear from different employees. Find out what it’s really like to work within the sector and learn more about the wide range of roles available.


Introducing Siddall & Hilton! Check out another engaging manufacturing & engineering virtual tour. This time, you’ll get to know a company that specialises in industrial welded mesh and hear from different employees. You’ll learn what the role of a Production Engineer involves, plus many more.

Employer Insight: Individual Roles

Hear from individual employees with a wide range of roles and responsibilities within the sector. Learn more about the sector directly from those involved; including an outline of their day to day tasks, how they entered the manufacturing & engineering sector and what they enjoy the most about their role.

Daletech: Finance

Daletech: Production Apprentice

Daletech: Products and Innovations

Daletech: Production Engineer

Daletech Operations Manager

Siddall & Hilton: Health and Safety Coordinator

Siddall & Hilton: Finance & IT Technician

Siddall & Hilton: Technical Trainer

Activity Resources

Download our engaging manufacturing & engineering sector challenges, featuring:

+ Choosing the right materials

+ Securing the contract

+ Establishing the revenue

Delivery Notes

Our Delivery Notes provide instructions and guidance for each stage of the challenge booklet. You’ll find suggested extension activities, recommended durations for each stage and completed versions of the individual tasks.

Activity Animations

Each challenge has an introductory animation that gives students a quick overview of the activity and how to complete it – we recommend that this is shown before starting the task.

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