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Thought Bitesize was just for revision? Think again! From job inspiration and skills for work, to CVs, cover letters and interviews, we’ve got you covered for all things careers. Interested in working at the BBC? Read on for a sneak peek behind the scenes. 


About Us

When you think Bitesize, you may well think of last-minute cramming sessions and homework help. We’re still making all that good stuff, but we’ve been busy expanding our content to create a one-stop shop for questions that go beyond the curriculum. From tips for navigating big milestones and looking after your wellbeing on Bitesize Support to job inspiration and advice on Bitesize Careers, you may be surprised by what we now have on offer!

We know that making decisions about your future can be pretty daunting. Exciting, but daunting! If you’re not sure where to start, head to our BBC Bitesize @ NCW page, where you can hear from young people already in the world of work about what their roles involve and how they got to where they are today. We’ve also got lots of advice on how to prepare for work, including how to keep working towards your goals during the uncertainty of the pandemic.

If you’re interested in working in TV, check out our Inside the Screen film for a taster of the kind of roles that go into making BBC favourites like Eastenders and Strictly, and head to the BBC Get In blog to hear from trainees and apprentices currently working across the BBC. Find out more about opportunities to help you get your foot in the door on the BBC kickstart your career page.

Looking for teacher-facing content? Our colleagues at BBC Teach have got you covered with loads of primary and secondary resources, as well as exciting opportunities like Young Reporter – the BBC’s journalism and media project that encourages 11-18-year-olds to share their stories and get their voices heard.